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WEHI is managed by the Director and Deputy Director. These positions are supported by Scientific and Professional Services management.

Professor Doug Hilton, Director

Professor Alan Cowman, Deputy Director, Scientific Strategy

Research themes

Professor Warren Alexander, Joint Leader, Cancer Research and Treatments

Professor Melanie Bahlo, Leader, Healthy Development and Ageing

Professor Guillaume Lessene, Leader, New Medicines and Advanced Technologies

Professor Tony Papenfuss, Leader, Computational Biology

Professor Andrew Roberts, Joint Leader, Cancer Research and Treatments

Professor John Silke, Leader, Infection, Inflammation and Immunity

Scientific divisions

Professor Geoff Lindeman, Joint Division Head, ACRF Cancer Biology and Stem Cells

Professor Jane Visvader, Joint Division Head, ACRF Cancer Biology and Stem Cells

Associate Professor Isabelle Lucet, Division Head, ACRF Chemical Biology

Associate Professor Kelly Rogers, Division Head, Advanced Technology and Biology

Professor Melissa Davis, Joint Division Head, Bioinformatics

Professor Gordon Smyth, Joint Division Head, Bioinformatics

Professor Andreas Strasser, Division Head, Blood Cells and Blood Cancer

Professor Clare Scott, Joint Division Head, Clinical Translation

Professor Ian Wicks, Joint Division Head, Clinical Translation

Professor Marnie Blewitt, Joint Division Head, Epigenetics and Development

Professor Anne Voss, Joint Division Head, Epigenetics and Development

Associate Professor Daniel Gray, Joint Division Head, Immunology

Professor Phil Hodgkin, Joint Division Head, Immunology

Associate Professor Chris Tonkin, Acting Division Head, Infectious Diseases and Immune Defence 

Professor James Murphy, Division Head, Inflammation

Professor Peter Gibbs, Joint Division Head, Personalised Oncology

Associate Professor Marie-Liesse Labat, Joint Division Head, Personalised Oncology

Professor Ivo Mueller, Joint Division Head, Population Health and Immunity

Professor Sant-Rayn Pasricha, Joint Division Head, Population Health and Immunity

Associate Professor Matt Call, Joint Division Head, Structural Biology

Professor Peter Czabotar, Joint Division Head, Structural Biology

Professor David Komander, Division Head, Ubiquitin Signalling

Professional Services

Ms Carolyn MacDonald, Chief Operating Officer

Mr Alistair Brown, Chief Financial Officer

Ms Elizabeth McMahon, Chief People Officer

Ms Megan Auld, Head, Communications and Marketing

Mr Michael Carolan, Chief Information Officer

Ms Deborah Carr, Head of Philanthropy

Dr Ann Du, Head, Strategy and Planning

Dr Sejal Kendal, Head of Research Grants and Development 

Ms Joh Kirby, Head, Research Governance, Risk and Compliance

Dr Helene Martin, Head, Laboratory Operations

Ms Chela Niall, Head, Legal and Licensing

Dr Anne-Laure Puaux, Head, Biotechnology and Commercialisation

Dr Robert Trainor, Facilities Manager