I am a group leader at WEHI, where I also completed my PhD.

During my PhD, I studied cell death, cytokine signalling and their roles in inflammation. I then moved to Munich, Germany, for my postdoctoral studies.

As a Marie-Curie fellow, I learned and applied state-of-the-art mass spectrometry to investigate cytokine signalling and cytokine-induced cell death in the lab of Prof Matthias Mann, one of the world’s leading proteomics laboratories.

I am passionate about leading my team to systematically investigate the body’s response to increased cell death during inflammation and infection using advanced high-sensitivity proteomics techniques.


Selected publications from Dr Maria Tanzer

1. Tanzer MC#, Tummers B#, Poon IKH#. Cell death: from its induction to the removal of dying cells!
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#Corresponding authors

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