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We are committed to solving the most complex health problems, making transformative discoveries that improve people’s lives.


Understanding the basic processes that are disrupted to generate cancer cells, and how these can be targeted to improve outcomes for people living with cancer.
Cancer biology
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Cancer occurs when cells develop changes that allow them to grow uncontrollably. Our cancer biology researchers are working to understand what causes these changes.
Cell death
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Failure of cells to die, or cells dying when they shouldn’t, can lead to or exacerbate many diseases.
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Immunotherapy is an innovative treatment that modulates the body’s immune system to fight disease.
Personalised medicine
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Personalised medicine customises healthcare to an individual.
Cell signalling
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Our research into cell signalling aims to understand how different signals are transmitted, and their relevance to disease.
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Problems with the immune system are linked to many serious health conditions.
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Infections from viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites are significant causes of worldwide illness and death.
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Inflammation is an early defense that protects our body from infection. However, ongoing or misdirected inflammation underlies many diseases.

Lifelong health

Exploring the determinants of good health from a human’s earliest years through to old age, with a focus on achieving health equity for all people worldwide.
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Our epigenetics researchers aim to unravel how epigenetic changes influence healthy and diseased cells, with a goal of better treatments for diseases.
Global health
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We are working to improve the health of people around the world through discovery of the basic mechanisms of disease and by finding and testing solutions to optimise health outcomes.
Healthy ageing
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We are studying how our longer life expectancy presents new health challenges for our ageing population.
Healthy development
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Healthy development fosters a child’s positive growth, focusing on achieving their full intellectual and physical potential, while avoiding long-term health challenges.
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