Strategic Plan 2019-2024

This is an exciting time for WEHI and the medical research sector. Our 2019-2024 plan sets out our strategy for thriving in this new era.

Collaboration, innovation and adaptability will be as important to us in the coming years as they have been in the past. These foundations are enabling us to meet the demands of 21st century health challenges and opportunities.

Research themes

Multi-disciplinary collaboration is just one of our strengths and we are capitalising on this by focusing on a defined set of challenges aligned with five key themes:

  • Cancer Research and Treatments
  • Healthy Development and Ageing
  • Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
  • Computational Biology
  • New Medicines and Advanced Technologies

Strategic goals

These thematic alignments will enhance our multi-disciplinary work and strengthen our basic and translational research.

We will also ensure our researchers have access to the resources and services they need and that our environment is one that allows our community to flourish.

Our goals are:

  • Knowledge and health: Focus and collaboration to better understand the biomedical world
  • Attract, develop, flourish: Strengthen our distinctive environment where staff and students thrive
  • Catalyse great science: Deliver quality services so researchers can focus on their science
  • Engagement and advocacy: Position the medical research sector for long-term success
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