Our laboratory applies medicinal chemistry and chemical biology approaches to basic and translational research. We collaborate closely with researchers, both at the institute and externally, to undertake multidisciplinary research programs encompassing chemistry, structural biology, high throughput screening, biochemistry and biology.

A core research goal of our laboratory is to use small molecule probes to understand the key pathways—apoptosis and necroptosis—that govern whether a cell lives or dies. Cell survival or death is an important contributor to many diseases. Our research aims to novel therapies for cancers, inflammatory conditions, ischaemic brain injury and stroke.


Selected publications from Prof Guillaume Lessene

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Lessene G., Czabotar P.E., Colman P.M. Bcl-2 family antagonists for cancer therapy, Nature Reviews, Drug Discovery, 2008, 7(12), 989-1000. PMID: 19043450

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