I am a clinician scientist, leading the ovarian and rare cancer laboratory at WEHI and working as a medical oncologist at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Royal Women’s and Royal Melbourne Hospitals.

My clinical expertise is in gynaecological cancers and coordinating care for patients with rare cancers. I have 25 years’ experience in clinical cancer genetics, working in Familial Cancer Clinics.

My laboratory focuses on making pre-clinical models in which to study drug resistance in rare gynaecological cancers. I set up the national WEHI Stafford Fox Rare Cancer Program in order to facilitate the study of many rare cancer types which are poorly researched. I set up the Australian Rare Cancer Portal so that expert rare cancer care and research could be streamlined for individuals, no matter where they live.

I believe that involving the community in research enhances the purpose of our research and magnifies the benefits of what we do.


Selected publications from Prof Clare Scott

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