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We bring together the world’s brightest minds to tackle our most complex medical challenges.

Countries represented by staff and students
We attract the best and brightest global scientific talent and nurture them throughout their careers.
Staff and students
Our researchers collaborate across disciplines and diseases to solve the world’s most complex medical challenges.
Consumer advisors
We work with people with personal lived experience of disease to advance better health outcomes in the future.
“At WEHI, our diverse and vibrant culture fosters exploration, creativity and collaboration. These foundations enable us to make significant discoveries for a healthier world.”
Carolyn MacDonald
Chief Operating Officer

As a leading medical research institute, we attract and retain the brightest minds globally. We value diversity, shown through our commitment to reconciliation, gender equity and supporting the LGBTIQA+ community. Through networking, peer support and professional development pathways, we foster growth in our staff and students.

The expertise and collaborative spirit of WEHI’s board, director, deputy director, scientific and professional services teams underpin our success.

Our former director, Sir Gustav Nossal continues to be a strong science advocate and supporter of our research, staff and students in his role of WEHI patron.

Hear from our people

“If we have the support of the community for our research, then WEHI has the expertise, knowledge and ideas.”
“WEHI has a long and impressive history in data science that has made us the envy of many other medical research institutes.”
“It’s that possibility of having real impact that drives me out of bed every day.”
Professor Phil Hodgkin and immunology team
Above: Professor Phil Hodgkin and team

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Join our dynamic and supportive team where we provide an environment that nurtures new ideas and enables people to flourish. Be at the frontier of scientific discovery, tackling the world’s biggest health challenges. Discover how to join us and make a real difference to medical research and improving health outcomes globally.

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