Collaborative centres

Accelerating discoveries through collaboration.

Research centres

We believe it takes a community to solve the most difficult scientific challenges. Through collaboration, we’ve formed research centres that unite brilliant scientists, multi-disciplinary expertise and advanced technologies around discreet focus areas.

Brain Cancer Centre team wearing beanies in the lab
The Brain Cancer Centre
Bringing together our brightest minds to end brain cancer as a terminal illness.
National Drug Discovery Centre
Fast-tracking the latest scientific discoveries into new medicines.
Centre for Dynamic Imaging lattice light sheet
Centre for Dynamic Imaging
Accelerating medical discoveries with advanced imaging technology.
Two researchers from the Parkinson's Disease Research Centre standing in a laboratory
Parkinson’s Disease Research Centre
The WEHI Parkinson’s Disease Research Centre is a collaborative, multidisciplinary initiative.
Group photo of the Colonial Foundation Healthy Ageing Centre team
Colonial Foundation Healthy Ageing Centre
The Colonial Foundation Healthy Ageing Centre was established as a collaboration between founding partners WEHI and the Royal Melbourne Hospital.
Centre for Global Disease and Health
The WEHI Centre for Global Disease and Health discovers and develops innovative solutions to some of the biggest health challenges affecting the world’s poorest populations.
Microscope-level view of cells in the intestine, coloured in vibrant green. Microfold cells are shown in purple.
Snow Centre for Immune Health
The Snow Centre for Immune Health is a research centre with a mission to improve the lives of people with immune diseases, using an approach to immune health that’s the first of its kind.
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