Dr Anne-Laure Puaux

Head, Business Development
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Anne-Laure leads the Business Development department at WEHI as part of Partnerships and Ventures.

Working closely with the Legal (Research and Business Development) department, we manage business development projects which capture and translate intellectual property and ultimately create value for WEHI and society by broadening the impact of scientific outcomes to improve public health and deliver sustained economic benefits.

The Business Development is responsible for identifying promising commercialisation opportunities within WEHI’s research portfolio, and designing and implementing optimal commercialisation strategies for chosen projects. This may involve:

  • licensing our intellectual property
  • collaborating with industry
  • spinning off new companies or creating joint ventures

We are committed to accelerating the translation of research discoveries into benefits for patients, while helping grow the Australian biotech ecosystem and ensuring a fair financial return for WEHI.

Anne-Laure is an experienced R&D and business development leader in the life sciences sector. Anne-Laure started her career as an immunologist, and has held postdoctoral roles in academic institutions, and staff scientist positions within research and development departments of biopharma companies.

Prior to joining WEHI, Anne-Laure worked in Europe, the US, and Asia. As part of the global vaccine business unit at GSK, Anne-Laure led new opportunities evaluation, business cases, and collaborative research projects, as well as designing, negotiating and closing deals with academic research institutes and biotech companies.

Anne-Laure holds a PhD from AgroParisTech based on her research work at Institut Pasteur in Paris, France and a Global Executive MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

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