A functional immune system requires the coordinated activity of thousands of individual genes. We study transcription factors, regulatory proteins that act in the cell’s nucleus to control gene expression.

I completed my PhD at the University of Vienna Austria, where I identified a key role played by Pax5 in B cells. Following a post-doc at Cambridge University, I established a research program at WEHI focusing on immune cell differentiation. I am a Professor at the University of Melbourne and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

Throughout my career I has been intrigued the regulatory logic used by immune cells in making decisions of cell fate and particularly how transcription factors program the response. We have deciphered how factors such as BLIMP1, PU.1 and IRFs control immune cell differentiation.

We currently focus on the programming of B-cell and plasma cell diversity, as well as efforts to develop new therapies for B-cell diseases including multiple myeloma. My lab is responsible for the B-cell work in the international ImmGen Consortium.

A parallel area of interest are the dendritic cell lineages. We aim to exploit our knowledge in this area to develop a new immunotherapy approach to treat cancer.


Selected publications from Prof Stephen Nutt

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