Making a major philanthropic gift

Your support is crucial to advancing research to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

By making a major philanthropic gift you can help to enhance the health of people around the world, now and for generations to come.

A major philanthropic gift can be made as an individual, family, private ancillary fund (PAF), trust or foundation.

WEHI was founded by a visionary gift from the Walter and Eliza Hall Trust in 1915 and philanthropy continues to play a vital role in our work today. Over the last 100+ years, philanthropic donations have enabled the discoveries that have revolutionised scientific thinking and advanced medical research. This has resulted in new, life-changing treatments, which are improving the health and lives of countless people every year, right across the world.

Your philanthropic support today will power our mission to solve some of the most important health issues of our time.

A gift to WEHI can be directed to a specific disease or area of research that is important to you.

“The really great thing about WEHI is the passion, inclusion, humble expression and care all WEHI people seem to possess. The culture is outstanding and obvious. We, too, feel engaged in your research endeavours.”
– WEHI donor


There are many ways we may recognise your giving, including:

  • private meetings and project updates with researchers
  • private lab tours
  • acknowledgement in WEHI’s Annual Report and Impact of Giving
  • acknowledgement in WEHI’s honour board
  • recognition stories on our website and newsletters
  • invitations to exclusive WEHI events
  • naming opportunities
Contact a member of our team today

To find out more about making a major philanthropic gift please contact:

Sally Elford – Senior Manager, Major Gifts:
03 9345 2403

Jane Turner – Senior Manager, Philanthropic Grants:
03 9345 2403

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