Centre for Dynamic Imaging

Accelerating medical discoveries with advanced imaging technology.

Powerful tools accelerate vital discoveries

The Centre for Dynamic Imaging is a research laboratory within WEHI.

Its advanced imaging, using optical microscopy, is transforming medical research. It allows scientists to see spectacular images of biological systems in real-time, with amazing detail. These new views of biology are bringing us closer to developing better disease diagnostics and treatments, sooner.

Gifts that enable game-changing science

A generous bequest from Australian author and historian, Alan Shaw AO, helped transform the centre into a world-class facility with access to the most advanced 4D imaging technology.

With the guidance of international experts, and philanthropic support, centre staff custom-built a lattice light sheet microscope. It was instrumental to exciting research published in the journal Science, which showed how DNA escaped from mitochondria inside cells. This ‘Great Escape’ moment may one day prove to be the crucial trigger for autoimmune diseases like arthritis.

Red blood cell infected Malaria parasite
Red blood cells (magenta) infected by P. falciparum, the deadliest malaria parasite. Credit: Dr Michał Pasternak.

Focused on malaria

Super-resolution and lattice light sheet technologies are providing never-before-seen views of a deadly malaria-causing parasite. These new insights are helping researchers fill knowledge gaps in the search for effective antimalarial drugs.

Mammary glands during lactation, animation still.
Mammary glands during lactation. Yellow muscle cells move milk into ducts. Purple flecks are immune cells waiting to protect breast tissue. Credit: Caleb Dawson.

Shedding light on breast cancer

Dr Caleb Dawson is harnessing the power of confocal microscopy to uncover the intricate 3D structure of breast tissue. This technique is helping to reveal the significant structural changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding in the hope of offering clues into breast cancer development.

“This new technology offers the opportunity to visualise cells and organs in unprecedented detail and in real time. It is a game changer for medical research.”
Associate Professor Kelly Rogers
Head, Centre for Dynamic Imaging

Collaborating to advance science

WEHI partners with scientists across Australia to advance disease research, using imaging technology. The centre is managed by a multidisciplinary team of experts in biomedical engineering, physics, mathematics, bioimage analysis and biology.

Through diverse thinking and collaboration, the centre aims to help medical researchers see solutions sooner.

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