My research interest is in developing personalized therapies for brain cancer, through the advanced investigation of the molecular features of cancer. This expertise, together with Dr Sarah Best (personalised oncology) and Dr Jim Whittle (clinical) provides the multidisciplinary foundations of the Brain Cancer Research Laboratory.

The research interests of the lab include:

  • Research that is patient-centred and informed by consumers
  • Integrating advanced diagnostics together with clinical data to discover new biomarkers
  • Applying deep learning to identify prognostic biomarkers
  • Developing new pre-clinical models of brain cancer
  • Dissecting glioma heterogeneity and its microenvironment
  • Identifying existing drugs for repurposing in brain cancer
  • Establishing innovative clinical trial design strategies to progress new treatments and combinations for patients
  • Support and collaboration across brain cancer research fields


Selected publications from Dr Saskia Freytag

1. Herring CA, Simmons RK, FREYTAG S, Poppe D, Moffet JJ, Pflueger J, … , Lister R. (2022). Human prefrontal cortex gene regulatory dynamics from gestation to adulthood at single-cell resolution. Cell, 185(23), 4428-4447.

2. FREYTAG S, Lister R. schex avoids overplotting for large single-cell RNA-sequencing datasets. Bioinformatics. 2019. PMID: 31794001

3. Tian L, Dong X, FREYTAG S, Lê Cao K-A,Su S, JalalAbadi A, Amann-Zalcenstein D, Weber T S, Seidi A, Jabbari J S, Naik S H, Ritchie Matthew E. scRNA-seq mixology: towards better benchmarking of single cell RNA-seq analysis methods. Nature Methods. 2019. 16(6):479-487. PMID: 31133762

4. FREYTAG S, Tian L, Lönnstedt I, Ng M, Bahlo M. Comparison of clustering tools in R for medium-sized 10x Genomics single-cell RNA-sequencing data. F1000Research. 2018. PMID: 30228881

5. FREYTAG S, Burgess R, Oliver KL, Bahlo M. brain-coX: investigating and visualising gene co-expression in seven human brain transcriptomic datasets. Genome Medicine. 2017. 9(1):55. PMID: 28595657

Lab research projects

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