National Drug Discovery Centre

Fast-tracking the latest scientific discoveries into new medicines.

The establishment of the National Drug Discovery Centre (NDDC) is a major step forward in the development of medicines in Australia. By providing Australian medical researchers with access to the latest in advanced robotic ultra-high throughput screening, the NDDC addresses a critical early challenge in the drug discovery pipeline.

The centre is staffed by a team of world-class experts with academic and industry experience and a proven track record of advancing novel drugs.

Partners leading change

The NDDC was made possible by substantial funding from the Australian and Victorian Governments, philanthropists and WEHI. This important collaboration has enabled the establishment of cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure to help scientists fast-track their research into new treatments for patients sooner.

Subsidised screens for Australian researchers

Applicants from Australian research institutes and small-to-medium enterprises may be eligible to apply for an Australian Government-sponsored screening subsidy at the National Drug Discovery Centre.

National Drug Discovery Centre researcher
Advanced screening technologies at the National Drug Discovery Centre.

Pushing forward for mental health, malaria and obesity

Three new research projects have been announced as beneficiaries of Australian Government subsidies to access the NDDC. The projects aim to use advanced screening technologies to identify new treatments for malaria, obesity and mental health disorders like addiction and depression.

Ubiquitin animation still
The ‘ubiquitin system’ will be a focus point in the search for new drugs for a range of diseases. Image from the WEHI.TV animation ‘Ubiquitin and Parkinson’s disease’.

Four new projects with rapid result hopes

Australian Government subsidies are helping to fund four new projects at the NDDC for quicker drug discovery on leukemia, cancers and lung diseases. The subsidy covers 90% of the cost of using the NDDC, reducing traditional screening expenses from $300,000 to around $30,000.

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