Our organisational values shape our culture

Our values influence how we work, how we behave towards each other, and how we engage with others outside WEHI.

Visitors in the WEHI galleria

Contribution to society

We contribute to discoveries that improve health outcomes for everyone.

Photograph of the Strasser team in a laboratory

Integrity and respect

We show respect, inclusivity, high ethical standards and appreciate differences in ideas.

Women in science staff at WEHI

Collaboration and teamwork

We celebrate the benefits of a diverse and inclusive organisation and build positive relationships that support everyone’s successes.

Researcher using screening in the National Drug Discovery Centre


We’re committed to excel in meeting expectations, taking ownership of responsibilities and creating a safe working environment for all.

Professor Phil Hodgkin and immunology team


We’re creating an environment where new ideas flourish and existing paradigms can be questioned, opening doors to transformative approaches.

A student and supervisor working at a microscope

Pursuit of excellence

We are dedicated to excellence, and inspiring others to excel.

We are WEHI Charter

We are one team made up of individuals from more than sixty countries who respect and include each other in every way.

We are researchers, students, teachers, advisors, technicians, professional service experts and we are better together and brighter together.

We collaborate on the most challenging health issues and are committed to long term discovery. We understand that teamwork requires each of us to be individually accountable for the contributions that we make.

The unquestioned inclusion of every person, every day, empowers each of us to make a difference and support each other to thrive. Because inclusion means we can better leverage the richness of our diversity – a creative force that broadens views, enhances ideas, increases productivity and strengthens our science.

We are global citizens who care about individuals, our communities and our footprint. We strive to give back when we can. We care deeply about ethics and act with integrity and we are motivated by the impact of the work that we do. We are collectively responsible for being innovative and enriching society through medical discovery and education.

We know that mastery of disease through discovery relies on a relentless pursuit of the highest ethical and technical standards of work.

We challenge each other to progress and innovate, knowing that with risk comes accountability, but that we are safe and supported when we disagree and when we fail – this is how ideas form and people flourish. It’s why we value creativity because, without new ideas and leaps of imagination, there can be no true innovation.

We are bold and brave, we are open and listen with the intent to learn and understand. We are honest, curious, fair and flexible, with a shared purpose to help one another grow and reach new heights.

We are WEHI.

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