The Genomics Laboratory implements advanced genomics technologies, seeking the most effective ways to prepare biological samples for sequencing on our Illumina, MGI, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore platforms.

Members of the Bowden Laboratory are expert in:

  • new and established sequencing technologies
  • pathogen sequencing and interrogating host-pathogen interactions
  • single-cell and spatial genomics and “multi-omics”
  • highly multiplexed sequencing
  • high-throughput functional genomics
  • high-throughput assays using iPSC and cellular/organoid models for disease

Our team enables genomics-based discovery through collaboration. WEHI’s 2021-2025 Genomics Strategic plan provides for the expansion of the institute’s genomics capability in enhanced service, collaboration and R&D. We are focused on institutional provision, extensive collaboration and selected external partnerships centred in Parkville.


Selected publications from Prof Rory Bowden

1. D Bonsall, T Golubchik, M de Cesare, M Limbada, B Kosloff, G MacIntyre-Cockett, M Hall, C Wymant, MA Ansari, L Abeler-Dorner, A Schaap, A Brown, E Barnes, E Piwowar-Manning, S Eshleman, E Wilson, L Emel, R Hayes, S Fidler, H Ayles, R Bowden, C Fraser, and H team, A comprehensive genomics solution for HIV surveillance and clinical monitoring in low income settings, J. Clin. Microbiol. (2020) PMID: 32669382.

2. AG Hinch, G Zhang, PW Becker, D Moralli, R Hinch, B Davies, R Bowden, and P Donnelly, Factors influencing meiotic recombination revealed by whole-genome sequencing of single sperm, Science 363 (6433), eaau8861 (2019) PMID: 30898902.

3. J Kinchen, HH Chen, K Parikh, A Antanaviciute, M Jagielowicz, D Fawkner-Corbett, N Ashley, L Cubitt, E Mellado-Gomez, M Attar, E Sharma, Q Wills, R Bowden, FC Richter, D Ahern, KD Puri, J Henault, F Gervais, H Koohy, and A Simmons, Structural remodeling of the human colonic mesenchyme in inflammatory bowel disease, Cell 175 (2), 372-386.e317 (2018) PMID: 30270042.

4. MA Ansari, V Pedergnana, CLC Ip, A Magri, A Von Delft, D Bonsall, N Chaturvedi, I Bartha, D Smith, G Nicholson, G McVean, A Trebes, P Piazza, J Fellay, G Cooke, GR Foster, E Hudson, J McLauchlan, P Simmonds, R Bowden, P Klenerman, E Barnes, and CCA Spencer, Genome-to-genome analysis highlights the effect of the human innate and adaptive immune systems on the hepatitis C virus, Nat. Genet. 49, 666-673 (2017) PMID: 28394351.

5. D Bonsall, M Ansari, C Ip, A Trebes, A Brown, P Klenerman, D Buck, P Piazza, E Barnes, and R Bowden, ve-SEQ: Robust, unbiased enrichment for streamlined detection and whole-genome sequencing of HCV and other highly diverse pathogens, F1000Res 4 (1062) (2015) PMID: 27092241.

6. R Bowden, TS Macfie, S Myers, G Hellenthal, E Nerrienet, RE Bontrop, C Freeman, P Donnelly, and NI Mundy, Genomic tools for evolution and conservation in the chimpanzee: Pan troglodytes ellioti Is a genetically distinct population, PLoS Genet 8 (3), e1002504 (2012) PMID: 22396655.

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8. X Didelot, R Bowden, DJ Wilson, TE Peto, and DW Crook, Transforming clinical microbiology with bacterial genome sequencing, Nat Rev Genet 13 (9), 601-612 (2012) PMID: 22868263.

9. S Myers, R Bowden, A Tumian, RE Bontrop, C Freeman, TS MacFie, G McVean, and P Donnelly, Drive against hotspot motifs in primates implicates the PRDM9 gene in meiotic recombination, Science 327 (5967), 876-879 (2010) PMID: 20044541.

10. R Bowden, JP Simas, AJ Davis, and S Efstathiou, Murine gammaherpesvirus 68 encodes tRNA-like sequences which are expressed during latency, J. Gen. Virol. 78 (7), 1675-1687. (1997) PMID: 9225045.

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