Deborah Carr

Head, Philanthropy
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I joined WEHI as Head of Philanthropy in 2019, from Western Sydney University in NSW where I held senior development and advancement roles since 2013, including Executive Director, Advancement from 2015 to 2019.

I am a passionate fundraising leader, with experience across the university sector, charities and medical research institutes. I love fundraising and philanthropy, connecting passionate and committed supporters with the WEHI’s brilliant and inspiring researchers. With a focus on co-designing fundraising strategy that supports organisational objectives, I enjoy building and enabling high performing fundraising teams, and developing long term, mutually beneficial and impactful relationships with generous and equally passionate supporters and philanthropists.

Philanthropy and fundraising at WEHI

I am delighted to be leading the strategy and activity for philanthropy and fundraising at the WEHI. Given the institute was established more than 100 years ago thanks to a philanthropic gift, the respect for donors and their contributions is deeply embedded in the culture of WEHI.

The philanthropy strategy aims to ensure that a strong culture of giving advances the institute’s research agendas. The Fundraising and Philanthropy team ensures that donors have the opportunity to support research that is important to them, and that they are kept up to date on progress.

We encourage supporters be an active part of WEHI’s success. Donors are welcome to meet the researchers, visit the institute and ask questions about progress. It is the generosity of donors that enables the institute to pursue ambitious ideas, support promising young researchers and invest in vital new technology.

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