Prof Terry Speed

Honorary Research Fellow, Laboratory Head


Terry Speed completed a BSc (Hons) in mathematics and statistics at the University of Melbourne and a PhD in mathematics and Dip Ed at Monash University. He has held appointments at the University of Sheffield, the University of Western Australia, the University of California at Berkeley, and with the CSIRO in Canberra. In 1997 he took up an appointment with WEHI, where he is now an Honorary Fellow and lab head in the Bioinformatics Division.

Professor Speed has worked on the applications of statistics and bioinformatics to problems in genetics and genomics for over 30 years, and his current research has a focus on datasets from cancer and immunology.

His research interests are broad, but include the statistical and bioinformatic analysis of microarray, DNA sequence and mass spectrometry data from genetics, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics. He works with molecular data at several different levels, from the lowest level where the data come directly from the instruments that generate it, up to the tasks of data integration, and of relating molecular to clinical data. Technologies that generate molecular data are constantly evolving, so that he is always presented with novel challenges.


Selected publications from Prof Terry Speed

Molania R, Foroutan M, Gagnon-Bartsch JA, Gandolfo LC, Jain A, Sinha A, Olshansky G, Dobrovic A, Papenfuss AT, Speed TP. Removing unwanted variation from large-scale RNA sequencing data with PRPS. Nat Biotechnol. 2023 41(1):82-95. PMID: 36109686.

Runx3 drives a CD8+ T cell tissue residency program that is absent in CD4+ T cells. Fonseca R, Burn TN, Gandolfo LC, Devi S, Park SL, Obers A, Evrard M, Christo SN, Buquicchio FA, Lareau CA, McDonald KM, Sandford SK, Zamudio NM, Zanluqui NG, Zaid A, Speed TP, Satpathy AT, Mueller SN, Carbone FR, Mackay LK. Nat Immunol. 2022 23(8):1236-1245.
PMID: 35882933.

RUV-III-NB: normalization of single cell RNA-seq data. Salim A, Molania R, Wang J, De Livera A, Thijssen R, Speed TP. Nucleic Acids Res. 2022 50(16):e96. PMID: 35758618.

Removing unwanted variation with CytofRUV to integrate multiple CyTOF datasets
Marie Trussart, Charis E Teh, Tania Tan, Lawrence Leong, Daniel H Gray Terence P Speed. Elife 2020 9:e59630. PMID: 32894218.

Using long-read sequencing to detect imprinted DNA methylation. Gigante S, Gouil Q, Lucattini A, Keniry A, Beck T, Tinning M, Gordon L, Woodruff C, Speed TP, Blewitt ME, Ritchie ME. Nucleic Acids Res. 2019 47(8):e46. PMID: 30793194.

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