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Your kind donation now could give you or a loved one a better chance of surviving a life-threatening disease in the future.

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At WEHI, we are focused on preventing and curing the diseases that we fear the most. These include incurable cancers, dementia, infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Today, we need your support to help us in a sprint and marathon. A sprint to do the absolute best for those confronted with disease right now. A marathon to solve incurable diseases once and for all.

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“Dementia is NOT a normal part of ageing. Dementia is a disease and we need to act now to stop its progression.”
Dr Sarah Holper
Black and white photo of Lisa Bardas and Ellie Rogers
Above: Lisa Bardas and Ellie Rogers

Philanthropy through the power of sisterhood

When you hear the story behind the Two Sisters Foundation, you can’t help but feel a little in awe of the strength, tenacity and dogged optimism of Lisa Bardas and Ellie Rogers.

Dr Shalin Naik and Esmaeel Azadian
Above: Assoc Prof Shalin Naik and Esmaeel Azadian

A shared vision helps an Iranian scientist find new lab

An exceptional scientist joins WEHI thanks to the Cybec Foundation’s philosophy of supporting talented students to pursue their potential.

Dr Susanne Heinzel, Mr Miles Horton and Professor Phil Hodgkin discussing work in the office

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Our supporters are our partners.

See how generous donors have made recent discoveries possible.

Clare Morgan and Roz Edmonds in WEHI lab looking through a microscope
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