Dr Doerflinger completed a Master of Science Degree with focus on Biochemistry and Immunology at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Dr Doerflinger then moved to Australia in February 2012 to undertake PhD studies under the supervision of Associate Professor Hamsa Puthalakath at La Trobe University, and their work on cell death regulation resulted in several first author publications.

In 2016, they took up a position as Postdoctoral Fellow in the Pellegrini laboratory at WEHI, where they expanded their skillset and career focus towards translational outcomes and have built productive collaborative networks nationally (such as The Peter Doherty Institute, Hudson Institute, La Trobe University, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, MCRI and The Florey) and internationally (Austria, Germany, Japan, US).

Dr Doerflinger has recently been appointed Laboratory Head at WEHI and in this role oversees the PC3 facility within the Infectious Diseases and Immune Defense division. This is the basis to lead a comprehensive research program in which Dr Doerflinger continues to uncover the regulatory processes of programmed cell death processes and their contribution to shaping immune responses to infection.


Selected publications from Dr Marcel Doerflinger

1. Preston, S.P., Stutz, M.D., Allison, C.C., Nachbur, U., Gouil, Q., Tran, B.M., Duvivier, V., Arandjelovic, P., Cooney, J.P., Mackiewicz, L., Meng, Y., Schaefer, J., Bader, S.M., Peng, H., Valaydon, Z., Rajasekaran, P., Jennison, C., Lopaticki, S., Farrell, A., Ryan, M., Howell, J., Croagh, C., Karunakaran, D., Schuster-Klein, C., Murphy, J.M., Fifis, T., Christophi, C., Vincan, E., Blewitt, M.E., Thompson, A., Boddey, J.A., #Doerflinger, M., #Pellegrini, M.
#joint senior author
Epigenetic Silencing of RIPK3 in Hepatocytes Prevents MLKL-mediated Necroptosis From Contributing to Liver Pathologies.
Gastroenterology, (2022)163(6) 1643-1657.e14

2.Haeusler, G.M., Garnham, A.L., Li-Wai-Suen, C.S.N., Clark, J.E., Babl, F.E., Allaway, Z., Slavin, M.A., Mechinaud, F., Smyth, G.K., Phillips, B., #Thursky, K.A., #Pellegrini, M., #Doerflinger, M.
#joint senior author
Blood transcriptomics identifies immune signatures indicative of infectious complications in childhood cancer patients with febrile neutropenia.
Clinical and Translational Immunology,(2022) 11(5)

3. Stutz, M.D., Allison, C.C., Ojaimi, S., Preston, S.P., Doerflinger, M., Arandjelovic, P., Whitehead, L., Bader, S.M., Batey, D., Asselin-Labat, M.-L., Herold, M.J., Strasser, A., West, N.P., Pellegrini, M.
Macrophage and neutrophil death programs differentially confer resistance to tuberculosis.
Immunity, (2021) 54(8) 1758-1771.e7

4. Doerflinger, M., Haeusler, G.M., Li-Wai-Suen, C.S.N., Clark, J.E., Slavin, M., Babl, F.E., Allaway, Z., Mechinaud, F., Smyth, G.K., De Abreu Lourenco, R., Phillips, B., Pellegrini, M., Thursky, K.A.
Procalcitonin and Interleukin-10 May Assist in Early Prediction of Bacteraemia in Children With Cancer and Febrile Neutropenia.
Frontiers in Immunology, (2021)12,641879

5. Doerflinger, M., Deng, Y., Whitney, P., Salvamoser, R., Engel, S., Kueh, A.J., Tai, L., Bachem, A., Gressier, E., Geoghegan, N.D., Wilcox, S., Rogers, K.L., Garnham, A.L., Dengler, M.A., Bader, S.M., Ebert, G., Pearson, J.S., De Nardo, D., Wang, N., Yang, C., Pereira, M., Bryant, C.E., Strugnell, R.A., Vince, J.E., Pellegrini, M., Strasser, A., Bedoui, S., Herold, M.J. (2020).
Flexible Usage and Interconnectivity of Diverse Cell Death Pathways Protect against Intracellular Infection. Immunity,53(3) 533-547.e7

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