More than 180 PhD students work as part of our research teams, investigating important questions in medical research.

WEHI is the Department of Medical Biology of the University of Melbourne.

PhD student profile: Simona Seizova

Medical Biology PhD Program

Our PhD students benefit from a program of study that includes world-class research training, as well as opportunities to develop diverse career skills.

How to apply

Prospective students should explore the student research projects available before applying. Our Scientific Education Office are available to advise and assist students with their application.


Domestic and international PhD students at WEHI must have scholarship funding to support their PhD studies. All PhD students are also awarded a WEHI top-up scholarship.

Frequently asked questions

Projects, scholarships, applications and selection criteria – what do you need to get a PhD position at WEHI?

Meet our students

Our students explain the benefits of studying at WEHI and what PhD students do at the institute. Learn about the achievements of some of our PhD students, and their next career steps.

International PhD Scholar Initiative

Our International PhD Scholar Initiative allows outstanding international students to apply for general consideration for PhD study, with dedicated scholarships available.

Education pathways 
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