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Welcome to the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

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Photograph of Cellular Immunology staff taken in 1967/68

Celebrating 100 years of discoveries for humanity

For more than 100 years, the institute’s discoveries have advanced scientific thinking, improved clinical practice and resulted in new and more effective treatments for patients.

As we look to the future and what it will hold for medical research, we are developing strategies to ensure we continue to make discoveries that improve lives and benefit humanity.

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Researcher in the laboratory New target could soothe the itch of inflammatory skin conditions

Existing medicines could offer a new way to treat inflammatory skin conditions, researchers at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and the Royal Melbourne Hospital have revealed.

15 July 2017
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Professor Alan Cowman in his office Research excellence award for malaria expert

Malaria expert Professor Alan Cowman has received a Research Excellence award from the Australia National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), announced last night.

12 July 2017
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Clinician in an office Cause of spontaneous hives pinpointed by clinical study

Melbourne researchers have solved a longstanding mystery about why some people develop recurring, itchy hives without an apparent allergic trigger, a condition known as chronic spontaneous urticaria.

3 July 2017
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Researchers in an office Combination approach improves power of new cancer therapy

An international research team has found a way to improve the anti-cancer effect of a new medicine class called ‘Smac mimetics’.

26 June 2017
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Mon, 31/07/2017 - 12:00pm to Mon, 31/07/2017 - 1:00pm

Exploring the boundaries of transcription factor-mediated reprogramming

Mon, 31/07/2017 - 3:00pm to Mon, 31/07/2017 - 4:00pm

CRISPR-based Investigation of Human Inflammasomes

Fri, 04/08/2017 - 2:30pm to Fri, 04/08/2017 - 3:30pm

​Real-time quantitative live-cell analysis

Mon, 07/08/2017 - 12:00pm to Mon, 07/08/2017 - 1:00pm

High Throughput Screening: a pivotal technology for the translation of academic research into early drug discovery