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“There are millions of people living healthier lives today because of WEHI’s discoveries and every day we’re working on the next vital breakthrough.”
Professor Ken Smith
Director, WEHI
(Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research)

We’re shining a light on some of our most complex health issues. With the brightest scientists and advanced technologies, we’re making new discoveries to transform lives.

We’ve been making critical discoveries for more than 100 years in the fields of cancer, immune health and infection, developmental disorders and healthy ageing. Our world-class tools and technologies help turn our research into new treatments and ways to diagnose disease.

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Before every great cure comes a breakthrough. Before every WEHI breakthrough comes you.

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Cindy Evelyn, research assistant in the Imaging Lab.

We celebrate the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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Murrup Barak camp students during lab tour

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“If we have the support of the community for our research, then WEHI has the expertise, knowledge and ideas.”
“WEHI has a long and impressive history in data science that has made us the envy of many other medical research institutes.”
“It’s that possibility of having real impact that drives me out of bed every day.”

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