We aim to study malaria host-parasite interactions with a particular focus on gaining a better understanding of:

  • differential patterns of natural acquisition of immune responses and their association with parasite exposure and protection from infection
  • parasite dynamics within the human host and the genetic diversity and evolutionary history of parasites
  • transmission epidemiology and biology of Plasmodium gametocytes and sporozoites
  • host immune responses to Plasmodium infection and how they relate to exposure history and protection against clinical disease
  • the role of hypnozoite in the increase resilience of P. vivax to control and elimination
  • host genetic adaptation to malaria.

These questions are being addressed with a range of population-based studies in malaria-affected regions of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Thailand, Cambodia and Brazil that combine well-designed epidemiological and clinical studies with in-depth molecular, immunological and systems biology studies of host-parasite interactions.

More recently we have extended into studying COVID-19 infection. Leveraging our experience from malaria serology, we have developed novel approached to COVID-19 sero-surveillance and are studying the acquisition and maintenance of immunity to SARS-CoV-2 infections.

In parallel, we are supporting health authorities in the Pacific with planning for and managing the COVID-19 pandemic by modelling different SARS-CoV-2 transmission scenarios and development of analytical tools to monitor the local progression of the pandemic.


Selected publications from Prof Ivo Mueller

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