My research focuses on the role of stem cell biology in breast development and cancer. Together with Professor Geoff Lindeman, the Breast Cancer Laboratory has a long-standing interest in the stem cell differentiation hierarchy, identifying molecular regulators of normal development and deciphering mechanisms that lead to breast cancer.

Current efforts are directed towards further understanding the normal epithelial hierarchy and the cell subtypes that are most susceptible to becoming transformed in vivo, the so- called ‘cells of origin’. We are searching for markers that enable further purification and in situ tracking of stem cells to enhance our understanding of the heterogeneity that lies within this pool, using a combination of transplantation and cell lineage tracing studies.

We are also identifying transcriptional and epigenetic regulators that act along the hierarchy using gene-targeted models and CRISPR/CAS9 technology. Promoter-specific strains built in the laboratory enable us to interrogate both mammary gland development and potential cells of origin of cancer.

Using the latest single cell and spatial platforms, we are interrogating tumour heterogeneity at the gene expression and epigenetic levels as well as mapping the location of diverse cells in the tumour microenvironment. In conjunction, we are using multiplexed immunostaining platforms with >40 antibodies to identify and localise stromal and immune cells more precisely within tumours.


Selected publications from Prof Jane Visvader

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