Leukaemia is a cancer of blood cells. There are many types of leukaemia that develop from different blood cells. Our research is revealing how leukaemia develops, and advancing better treatments.


Leukaemia is the most common cancer diagnosed in children under 10 years old. With more than 5000 cases annually, it is in the top 10 cancers diagnosed in Australians each year.

Our leukaemia research

Our leukaemia research spans from basic research through to clinical trials. The major aims of our research are to:

  • Discover the molecular changes that cause the development of leukaemia.
  • Reveal how leukaemia cells become resistant to treatment.
  • Define the similarities between normal blood cell formation and leukemia development.
  • Develop and test new treatments for leukaemia, in preclinical studies and clinical trials.
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