Myeloma is a cancer of plasma cells, a type of immune cell. More than 2000 Australians are diagnosed with myeloma each year.


Although these people can be treated to slow the growth of their myeloma cells, there is currently no cure. Our researchers are working to improve how myeloma is treated.

Above: Dr Pasquale Fedele is looking for new treatments for multiple myeloma.

Our myeloma research

The goal of our research is to discover new ways to treat myeloma. An important aspect of this is to decipher the biology of plasma cells, the normal immune cells that give rise to myeloma. Our myeloma researchers are:

  • understanding plasma cell biology, and discovering what goes wrong in a plasma cell to allow myeloma to develop
  • revealing how plasma cell lifespan is controlled, to better understand what keeps myeloma cells alive
  • exploring new anti-cancer agents that may be effective treatments for myeloma.
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