Personalised medicine

Personalised medicine customises healthcare to an individual.

Our researchers are discovering new strategies that use genomic and proteomic information to match a person with the best treatment for their individual disease.

Our personalised medicine research

Our personalised medicine researchers aim to identify the most appropriate treatments for individual patients by studying complex biological systems.

Aspects of their research include:

  • genomics, to link changes in DNA sequences with responses to treatment.
  • proteomics, to determine treatment responsiveness influences changes in proteins
  • systems biology, that incorporates many types of information about samples to understand how they may respond to disease.
  • bioinformatics, to develop powerful methods to analysis complex data.

The Ian Potter Centre for Genomics and Personalised Medicine is a partnership between the WEHI and the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute. The centre is Australia’s first research centre devoted to matching disease treatments to a person’s genetic makeup.

What is personalised medicine?

Every human is unique, and we often differ in how we develop diseases and respond to treatments.

Personalised medicine aims to tailor treatments to achieve the best outcome for individual patients, rather than treating patients with a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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