Epilepsy is a neurological condition in which people experience recurrent, unprovoked seizures, caused by a brief change in the electrical activity of the brain.


The goal of WEHI’s epilepsy research team is to improve the overall health of people with epilepsy through better diagnosis and treatment.

Epilepsy research at WEHI

Our researchers are:

  • exploring the biological mechanisms underlying different types of epilepsy, which will translate into improved treatment options for patients
  • identifying new genes which cause epilepsy, to inform treatment decisions
  • investigating the role of different types of genetic mutations that cause epilepsy
  • developing analytical methods to improve genetic diagnosis
  • developing new ways of assessing clinical information that could improve the diagnosis of epilepsy.

We are working with a number of other research institutes including The University of Melbourne’s Epilepsy Research Centre and The Florey Institute to advance epilepsy research.

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