About the lab

My laboratory is investigating how cells die via a process called apoptosis.

Apoptotic cell death is a normal process that helps remove excess or damaged cells. When apoptotic cell death goes wrong, the results are often cancer or autoimmune diseases.

My laboratory is interested in the proteins inside cells that orchestrate apoptosis. We are focusing on how the killer proteins, BAX and BAK, cause organelles called mitochondria to be leaky and kill the cell. Understanding this process is critical to developing new treatments that either enhance or block apoptosis in cancer and autoimmune disease.

Lab research projects

Lab team

My lab collaborates closely with the Structural Biology division and other divisions in the Institute and elsewhere who study the protein interactions that regulate apoptosis in health and disease.

6 members
Yichen Xie
Master of Research Student
Dr Agnes Wong
Research Assistant
Research Officer
Research Officer
Black and white photo of Dr Rachel Uren
Senior Research Officer
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