About the lab

Our laboratory studies how cell death is regulated, with a particular interest in how errors in the control of apoptotic cell death contribute to cancer.

Our research is focused on discovering and developing novel anti-cancer therapies that restore the ability of cancer cells to undergo apoptosis, and how these can be used for treating patients with cancer.

Lab research projects

Lab team

Members of our team work closely with one another, although each student or post-doctoral fellow is responsible for their own project. We collaborate extensively with the Roberts laboratory on projects relating to the BH3 mimetics and with other colleagues in the Institute.

9 members
Christian Barker
Visiting International Bachelors Student
Dr Eric Wenlong Li
PhD Student
Jason Bong
Honours Student
Dr Rachel Thijssen
Honorary Research Fellow
Research Officer
Chris Riffkin
Research Assistant
Senior Research Officer
Dr Mark van Delft
Senior Research Officer
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