Staff and student diversity networks

WEHI has supported the establishment of employee-led diversity networks which have been found to be effective in providing support, increasing understanding, and enabling people to bring their whole selves to work.


WE-Pride is our LGBTQIA+ and ally network, created and led by staff and students from across WEHI. WE-Pride is inclusive of all employees and anyone is welcome to join.

WE-Pride actively supports LGBTQIA+ people in our institute and promotes an inclusive culture through:

  • Organising social activities
  • Hosting special events such as Wear it Purple Day and Transgender Awareness Week
  • Engaging with the wider WEHI community, for example with the short film ‘Queeries’, to raise awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues
  • Organising WEHI’s participation at public events, such as the Midsumma Pride March
  • Advising WEHI on LGBTQIA+ policies and procedures

Email the WE-Pride coordinators for further information.

Increasing LGBTQIA+ visibility in the sector

A new network, Queers In Science, has been established with the founding support of WEHI and nearby research organisations.

This network aims to increase support and visibility for LGBTQIA+ people working in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine).

WEHI is also proud to host Queers in Science and support its initiatives.

Overseas Staff and Student Engagement Group (OSSE)

The WEHI community is made up of people from different parts of the world with diverse backgrounds. OSSE (pronounced “ozzie”) is a staff and student engagement group represented by individuals at WEHI who are passionate about celebrating cultural diversity and supporting international staff and students within WEHI.

OSSE aims to:

  • Create a strong support network for international staff and students
  • Foster an inclusive and respectful environment for international staff and students
  • Facilitate better awareness of cultural differences and cultural diversity

Disability Reference Group

The Disability Reference Group (DRG) is for staff and students with a disability or chronic illness, as well as allies and carers.

The DRG aims to provide a space to be heard, share advice/guidance and contribute to leading the next steps to increase disability awareness, inclusion, and access at WEHI.