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About the lab

Lab focus: Whole-organism, pathogen, cellular (single-cell and spatial) and high-throughput functional genomics.

‘Genomics’ is the study of the instruction book of life, or genome, of every organism. Genomics encompasses the measurement of all forms of genetic material (RNA and DNA) as it is passed from one individual to another and expressed to give each cell and tissue its unique character. Genomics includes the study of organisms, populations and collections of thousands of individual cells as they develop, function and reproduce, in health and disease.

The Bowden Laboratory is interested in improving how we study genomes and their organisation and expression, focusing particularly on infection, the study of individual cells, and ways to exploit DNA sequencing to develop new treatments for disease.

Our laboratory hosts the WEHI Advanced Genomics facility. We support WEHI in accessing all forms of genomics technology, through a comprehensive suite of advanced preparation platforms and sequencing technologies, and a dynamic R&D program that matches WEHI’s areas of scientific focus.

Our mission

Our mission is Omics for All.

Our vision is to lead in Australia in genomics innovation and providing access to omics technologies.


We are the leading group providing access to cellular omics technologies in Melbourne. We implement advanced methodologies and create new and updated applications for sequencing and measuring gene expression and genome variation. We are working towards equitable access to advanced technologies.


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Lab research projects

Lab team

Our laboratory is highly collaborative. As one of WEHI’s key core technology platforms, we work alongside the other scientists in the Advanced Technology and Biology division and with researchers from across WEHI. We have international backgrounds and experience at some of the world’s leading scientific and medical research institutes.

We aim to establish a centre of excellence for broad-based genomics in Melbourne. We are expanding our team to provide access to a full range of advanced sequencing platforms, collaborative execution of genomics projects and cutting-edge technologies.

If you are interested in working in any aspect of genomics, from sequencing to analysis, advanced genomics or innovation, please get in touch by email and find advertised positions on the WEHI jobs page.

18 members
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Ruvimbo Mishi
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Piper O’Keeffe
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Sachintha Wijegunasekara
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Dr Liz Milla
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Layla Wang
Research Assistant
Marek Cmero
Senior Research Officer
Sarah MacRaild
Research Assistant
Ling Ling
Research Assistant
Dr Marilou Barrios
Research Officer
Dr Sam Olechnowicz
Senior Research Officer
Dr Jafar Jabbari
Senior Research Officer
Dr Daniel Brown
Senior Research Officer
Dr Casey Anttila
Senior Research Officer
Johannes Wichmann
Research Officer
Dr Daniela Zalcenstein
Senior Research Officer
Dr Stephen Wilcox
Genomics Senior Research Scientist
Dr Peter Hickey
Senior Research Officer
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