We collaborate widely with scientists and clinicians to advanced proteomics technologies to identify and quantify proteins in cells and biofluids.

Our laboratory covers diverse range of areas that can be categorised into five key focus areas:

  • Interactions: Elucidation of protein-protein and protein-drug interactions
  • Protein dynamics: Investigating the mechanisms of protein function
  • Signalling: Investigation of signalling pathways (using phosphoproteomics and ubiquitin enrichment strategies)
  • Biomarkers: Identification of prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers of disease in biofluids
  • Epigenetics: Quantification of intact histones and their modifications in developmental and disease models

A/Prof Andrew Webb is Head of the Colonial Foundation Healthy Ageing Centre.


Selected publications from A/Prof Andrew Webb

Nachbur U, Stafford C, Bankovacki A, Zhan Y, Lindqvist L, Fiil B, Khakam Y, Ko HJ, Sandow J, Falk H, Holien J, Chau D, Hildebrand J, Vince J, Sharp P, Webb AI, Jackman K, Mühlen S, Kennedy C, Lowes K, Murphy J, Hansen MG, Parker M, Hartland E, Lew A, Huang D, Lessene G, and Silke J. A novel RIPK2 inhibitor delays NOD signalling complex formation yet prevents inflammatory cytokine production. Nature Communications. Accepted Jan 2015.

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Wong W*, Webb AI*, Olshina MA, Infusini G, Tan YH, Hanssen E, Catimel B, Suarez C, Condron M, Angrisano F, Nebi T, Kovar DR, Baum J. A Mechanism for Actin Filament Severing by Malaria Parasite Actin Depolymerizing Factor 1 via a Low Affinity Binding Interface. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 289,7,4043-4054, 2014. PMID: 24371134

Chambers JM, Lindqvist LM, Webb AI, Huang DC, Savage GP, Rizzacasa MA. Synthesis of biotinylated Episilvestrol: highly selective targeting of the translation factors eIF4AI/II. Organic letters. 15,6,1406-1409, 2013. PMID: 23461621

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Gerlach B*, Cordier SM*, Schmukle AC*, Emmerich CH*, Rieser E*, Haas TL*, Webb AI*, Rickard JA, Anderton H, Wong WW, Nachbur U, Gangoda L, Warnken U, Purcell AW, Silke J, Walczak H. Linear ubiquitination prevents inflammation and regulates immune signalling. Nature. 471,7340,591-596, 2011. PMID: 21455173

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