Rory Bowden-Achievements

Rory Bowden-Achievements


Selected achievements

With a background in molecular virology (Adelaide and Cambridge) and then virus population evolution (Oxford and Glasgow), Rory Bowden has played key roles in ground-breaking research into mechanisms of recombination in primates, population structure of chimpanzees and recombination in vaccine escape in bacteria. He has been instrumental in several initiatives at the cutting edge of applied genomics, including the Modernising Medical Microbiology initiative (2009-2013) to bring genome sequencing of pathogens to the clinic, and the StemBANCC Stem Cells for Drug Discovery consortium (2012-2017).

Dr Bowden most recently led the genomics R&D team and the single-cell platform at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford, where he co-founded the Oxford Viromics initiative and set up large-scale virus sequencing.  

Service to the community

  • WEHI nominee to Board of Australian Genome Research Facility 
  • Member, MACH (Melbourne Academic Centre for Health) Omics steering group