Melissa Call-team

Melissa Call-team

Our group is led cooperatively by Matthew Call and Melissa Call. All projects are co-supervised, with specific aspects of training and project management being directed by Matthew or Melissa according to particular areas of expertise. 

Matthew Call, Laboratory Head, BS Trinity PhD Harvard

Jessica Bridgford, Postdoctoral Fellow, BBiomedSc(Hons) Monash PhD Melbourne

Ashleigh Davey, Postdoctoral Fellow, BBiotech(Hons) Monash PhD Melbourne

Nicholas Chandler, Postgraduate Student, BSc(Hons) Melbourne

Samyuktha Ramesh, Postgraduate Student, BTech, Anna University Chennai

Julie Nguyen, Research Assistant, BSc(Hons) Monash

Josh Steiner, BSc(Hons) Melbourne

Xinyu Wu, Visiting undergraduate student, Tsinghua

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Three scientists smiling at camera

Institute scientists have revealed seven new genetic mutations that cause myeloproliferative diseases – chronic disorders of the blood that can lead to bone marrow failure, stroke and leukaemia.