Matthew Call-Achievements

Matthew Call-Achievements

Selected achievements


2013 Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Award for Excellence in Education

2011 Innovation fellowship, veski

2011 Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship, Australian Research Council

2009 Ludcke Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, Charles A King Trust, The Medical Foundation

2006 Paul Sigler/Agouron Postdoctoral Fellowship, The Helen Hay Whitney Foundation

Grants and funding

2022 Synergy Grant, NHMRC

2022 PdCCRS Grant, Cancer Australia

2021 Major Gift, TDM Foundation, Hearts & Minds Investments

2018 & 2019 Research Grants, Perpetual Impact Philanthropy (Harry Secomb Foundation, Percy Baxter Charitable Trust)

2011, 2012 & 2018 (x2) Project Grants, NHMRC