Lucet Lab: Kinase Signalling and Drug Discovery

About the lab

Our lab is committed to investigating the root causes of diseases and developing cutting-edge therapeutic strategies that can enhance the health of our community. We are primarily focused on understanding the role of proteins in cellular processes and how their malfunction can lead to the onset of diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, and neurological conditions.

We specifically study protein kinases, which are signaling proteins that regulate nearly all biological processes in the body. Through our research, we aim to uncover novel kinase-driven signaling pathways and identify the mechanisms that contribute to uncontrolled signaling, which can cause cancer and inflammatory disorders.

Our ultimate goal is to leverage our fundamental research findings to create innovative therapeutic approaches that can effectively prevent and treat diseases caused by kinase dysregulation. We are confident that our expertise and knowledge will make a significant impact on the health and well-being of our community.

As a lab, we rely on the crucial support of basic research funding to translate our findings into practical applications and accelerate the development of groundbreaking treatments.

Our mission

Our lab is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms that cause kinase deregulation, leading to cancer and other diseases. Our aim is to develop innovative therapeutic strategies to prevent and treat these diseases. We incorporate a multidisciplinary research approach, collaborating with experts from various fields to accelerate the discovery of cutting-edge therapies. By leveraging our expertise and partnering with industry, we strive to make a significant impact on the treatment and prevention of kinase-driven diseases. Our ultimate goal is to translate our findings into practical applications that improve the health and well-being of our community.


Our research is committed to improving human health through the establishment of cutting-edge drug discovery programs. We drive innovative integrated structure-based discovery programs to identify new targets and on many occasions have delivered key insights how to effectively counteract kinase-driven disease pathways.

Our collaborations with industry partners enable us to bridge the gap between academic research and commercial drug development, providing a unique opportunity to accelerate our basic research discoveries into clinical applications.


Protein visualisation
Above: DCLK1 with inhibitor molecules bound. Credit: Dr Sarah Piper, PiperProteinProductions

Lab research projects

Lab team

Our team collaborates extensively with researchers from across WEHI and external institutions, including leading pharmaceutical companies. All projects are multidisciplinary and innovative.

12 members
Emily Park
PhD Student
Lyn Deng
PhD Student
Jean-Max Mazeri
Visiting International Masters Student
Allegra Mattioli
Administrative Officer – Research
Keith Watson
Honorary Research Associate
Lurlene Trepout
Research Assistant
Senior Research Officer
Ruth Cuzzupe
Laboratory Coordinator
Senior Research Officer
Anna Surudoi
Research Assistant
Senior Research Officer
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