About the lab

Our lab focus spans around statistical bioinformatics and gene expression.

Modern genomic technologies produce huge amounts of data that allow us to examine gene activity on a genome-wide scale. We can observe which genes are turned on and how active they are in any type of cell at any time.

My research group develops advanced computational and statistical strategies to analyse and interpret these huge data sets. In collaboration with other institute scientists, we examine which genes play essential roles in normal cell development and which genes are disrupted or activated inappropriately in any particular disease.

Our goal is to learn how diseases originate by examining how genetic disruption comes about and how it might be controlled.


Our Lab pioneered the innovative use of statistical methods such as linear models, empirical Bayes and generalized linear models for modelling gene expression data from high-throughput genomic technologies.

We created the limma, edgeR, Rsubread, csaw and diffHic software packages, which form a key part of the international Bioconductor project for genomic software. limma and edgeR are world’s most downloaded R software packages for the statistical analysis of RNA-seq and microarray data.

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Lab team

Our team includes graduates from a range of disciplines including statistics, mathematics, computer science, genetics and engineering.

Applications are welcome from students with a strong background in any of these areas who are motivated to work on biomedical problems.

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