Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat-Projects

Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat-Projects


Epigenetic regulators of lung development

Epigenetic regulation plays a critical role in lineage specification during embryonic development. We have identified chromatin-remodeling factors that are important regulators of lung development and are further exploring their role using genetically modified laboratory models. 

Cells of origin of lung cancer

Using human lung tissue samples we aim to identify lung progenitor cell populations and to determine their role as the cell of origin of different subtypes of lung cancer. 

Development of lung cancer patient-derived xenografts as preclinical models to study novel therapeutic strategies

Among all cancers, lung cancer and melanoma, have the highest rate of mutation. To recapitulate the complexity and heterogeneity of the human disease, we have generated patient-derived xenograft models of lung cancer that recapitulate the histological phenotype of patients’ tumour.

Genomic characterisation of our model is ongoing. These models will be used to evaluate novel therapeutic approaches for lung cancer.