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About the lab

Our laboratory at WEHI, jointly led by Associate Professor Rosie Watson and Associate Professor Nawaf Yassi, is focused on improving the accuracy of diagnosis of patients with dementia through novel biomarkers, understanding the overlap of different causes of dementia, and investigating new ways to treat dementia.

Assoc Prof Watson is a geriatrician at the Royal Melbourne Hospital where she is involved with the clinical assessment and management for people with cognitive impairment and dementia.

Assoc Prof Yassi is a neurologist with a particular focus on the assessment and management of stroke and dementia. These conditions are common causes of disability and death, particularly in ageing populations.

Our lab is uniquely multidisciplinary and we believe this is crucial to tackle the complex problem of dementia.

Our mission

  1. Improve diagnosis using biomarkers
  2. Establish dementia cohorts to address important risk factors and facilitate clinical trials of novel therapeutic agents
  3. Develop novel and pragmatic investigator-led clinical trials for people with cognitive impairment and dementia
  4. Support the development and access to dementia research for regional and rural Australians
  5. Inform and improve models of care for people with cognitive impairment and dementia, including culturally and linguistically diverse and Indigenous Australians
  6. Support the next generation of clinician researchers in dementia, through education and mentorship

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