About the lab

My research group studies how malaria parasites enter red blood cells and evade the immune system to establish successful infection. Malaria is one of the planet’s deadliest diseases. Its symptoms are caused by the repeated cycles of growth of the parasite inside red blood cells.

We try to decipher the interactions between parasite and human proteins that allow malaria parasites to enter into red blood cells and to actively escape from immune attack. Our goal is to identify new ways to prevent blood stage infection, thereby preventing malaria disease.

Lab research projects

Lab team

12 members
Pranav Runwal
Visiting PhD Student
Jackson Feng
PhD Student
Frankie Lyons
PhD Student
Jaison D Sa
PhD Student
Li Jin Chan
Research Officer
Joshua Tong
Research Assistant
Lynn Tan
Research Assistant
Amy Adair
Research Assistant
Dr Phill Pymm
Senior Research Officer
Rainbow Chan
Research Assistant
Melanie Dietrich
Dr Melanie Dietrich
Senior Research Officer
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