Peter Czabotar-Lab team

Peter Czabotar-Lab team

Lab team

Richard Birkinshaw, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc(Hons) East Anglia PhD Bristol

Michelle Miller, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, DipLang Monash BSc(Hons) Monash PhD Monash

Katherine Davies, Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc(Hons) Melbourne PhD Melbourne

Sila Kasapgil, Research Assistant, BSc(Hons) Melbourne

Cindy Luo, Research Assistant, BChemEng Beijing

Sean Smyth, Research Assistant, MBiotech, Melbourne BSc Melbourne

Ahmad Wardak, Research Assistant, BSc(Hons) LaTrobe

Zheng Yuan, PhD Student, BSc Fudan

Yu Qing Yap, MSc Student, BSc Melbourne

Amanda Voudouris, Division Coordinator, BSc Monash

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Three researchers in the laboratory

Institute researchers have led a study suggesting that abnormalities in cell death (apoptosis) could be linked to common birth defects including spina bifida.