About the lab

Our lab focus is chemical biology and drug discovery.

Our laboratory applies chemical biology and medical chemistry techniques to investigate and better understand biological processes that cause disease progression. Our goal is to translate the basic understanding of biological mechanisms into new therapeutics to treat cancers and infectious diseases, such as malaria.

Our mission

We enable the creation of targeted molecular tools to understand mechanisms that cause cancer and infectious disease en route to developing transformative therapeutics for the benefit of all.


Our laboratory has created novel targeted molecular tools that have been used to uncover mechanisms that have essential roles in the pathogenesis of cancer and infectious disease. Translationally, we have applied this fundamental research to the development of transformative treatments for cancer and infectious disease.


Members of the Sleebs Lab bowling
Above: A memorable and fun end of 2022 outing

Lab research projects

Lab team

Our laboratory has a strong focus on chemical biology and early-stage drug discovery. We integrate an array of multi-disciplinary approaches at the interface of biology and chemistry. Our team collaborates closely with other labs at WEHI and industry partners targeting infectious disease and cancer.

14 members
Dr Brad Sleebs
Lab head
Zi Kang Ooi
Visiting Masters Student (by coursework)
Qingmiao Zhou
Visiting International Honours Student
Harrison Shanley
Visiting PhD Student
Wenyin Su
PhD Student
Mahta Mansouri
Research Officer
Dr Petar Calic
Research Officer
Kyle Awalt
Research Officer
Madeline Dans
Research Officer
Iain Currie
Research Officer
Dr Trent Ashton
Senior Research Officer
Dr Nghi Nguyen
Senior Research Officer
Dr Sayali Shah
Research Officer
Dr William Nguyen
Senior Research Officer
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