About the lab

Our laboratory studies how communication between cells influences health and disease. Our focus is on small soluble proteins called cytokines that can be secreted by one cell type and travel to another cell type to convey a message.

We apply our expertise to diseases that affect the gastrointestinal tract, including inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Our overarching goal is to use the knowledge that we generate to develop new drugs to alter the messages conveyed by cytokines. This will allow us to improve patient quality of life and disease outcomes.

Our mission

Our team’s shared vision is to improve patient quality of life and disease outcomes.

Our mission is to generate new therapies, that are safe and tolerable, enabling patients to live with their disease, until it is gone.


The Putoczki laboratory has enabled gastrointestinal research in Australia through the extensive development and implementation of innovative methodologies and resources. This has lead to the identification of new treatment opportunities for patients, with one of these treatments now in clinical trials.

Lab research projects

Lab team

We are a dynamic and inclusive team that collaborate closely with numerous national and international research institutes, hospitals, universities and biotechnology companies.

5 members
Trinity Peachey
Research Assistant
Suya Shen
Visiting PhD Student
Clara Kosasih
PhD Student
Dr Ka Yee Fung
Senior Research Officer
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