About the lab

Our work is focused on understanding how immune cells protect us from infection, function efficiently and keep us healthy. By studying this process, we also aim to understand the development of diseases related to the function of immune cells such as autoimmunity (lupus, diabetes, coeliac disease) and cancer (leukaemia and lymphoma).

With this knowledge we aim to:

  • Develop diagnostic tools for early detection of autoimmunity and immunodeficiency
  • Development of personalised medicine
  • Identify new therapies for the treatment of immune disorders and blood cancers
  • Develop new imaging technology for visualising immune cells in action.

Lab team

The Hawkins group is a new laboratory within the Immunology division. I am seeking postdocs and students to undertake quantitative immunology research projects.

My research is supported by strong collaborative ties to groups within the Institute, as well locally, nationally and internationally.

Key collaborators include:
Professor Phil Hodgkin, Joint Division Head, Immunology division – development of quantitative analysis
Associate Professor Rhys Allan, Immunology division – epigenetics
Professor Marnie Blewitt, Joint Division Head, Epigenetics and Development division – epigenetics
Professor Ricky Johnstone, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre – histone deacetylase inhibitors
Associate Professor Simon Harrison MD, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

6 members
Dr Jeremy Er
PhD Student
Antoine Terreaux
Research Officer
Dr Georgia Atkin-Smith
Senior Research Officer
Joel Rimes
Research Officer
Amanda Light
Research Assistant
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