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Zeiss LSM 880 Fast Airyscan Confocal

A high speed, high resolution microscope for investigating dynamic processes in living cells.

The Zeiss LSM 880 with fast Airyscan confocal microscope is the essential confocal platform for live cell imaging. The unique combination of the Airyscan detector module with the Definite Focus.2 and Z-Piezo drive offers unrivalled flexibility in fast, high resolution live cell imaging.

The system is compatible with most sample holders and contains all necessary accessories for environmental control (for example, CO2, humidity, and temperature control).

Above: Magnified snapshot of a mammary gland during lactation. The yellow patterns are tiny muscles that contract and release, helping to squeeze milk into the mammary ducts. Purple flecks in and around the structures are immune cells on high alert for any threats in order to help keep the breast tissue healthy. Credit: Caleb Dawson
Above: A Zeiss LSM 880 microscope at WEHI


Light sources

  • Diode laser – 405 nm
  • Argon laser – 458 nm, 488 nm and 514 nm
  • Diode pumped solid state laser – 561 nm
  • HeNe Laser – 594 nm
  • HeNe laser – 633 nm
  • HAL 100 Illuminator
  • HXP-120 120 V

Detection sources

  • 32 channel GaAsP array detection
  • 2 x MA-PMT
  • Airyscan detector
  • Transmitted-PMT
Immersion mediaAirAirOilOilWater
XY-resolution (µm) (@ 488 nm)0.6610.3720.2290.2120.248
Z-resolution (µm) (@ 488 nm)4.8191.5240.8760.7550.902
Working distance (mm)2.0000.5500.210.1400.28

Technological specifications (capabilities)

Available modalities

  • Z-stack
  • Time-series
  • Tile scan
  • Multi positions
  • Spectral linear unmixing
  • Online fingerprinting
  • Single point FCS
  • FRAP
  • Airyscan detection
  • Fast Airyscan

Additional hardware

  • Z-Piezo drive
  • Definite Focus.2

Unique features

  • The Zeiss LSM 880 combines the fast Airyscan modality with the Z-Piezo drive system to offer fast live cell three-dimensional imaging.
  • The Definite Focus.2 module provides one of the most robust systems for live time-lapse imaging.


  • Photobleaching


Professor Kelly Rogers
  • Head, Centre for Dynamic Imaging
Cindy Evelyn
  • Microscopist
Dr Lachlan Whitehead
  • Bioimage analyst
Dr Niall Geoghegan
  • Lattice light sheet specialist
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