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Zeiss Lattice Lightsheet (pre-serial instrument)

The Zeiss Lattice Lightsheet is the first pre-commercial system for lattice light sheet microscopy, enabling a greater number of researchers to access the current state of the art technology for live-cell imaging.

Lattice light sheet microscopy is at the cutting edge of technology for live cell imaging due to its combination of high spatial and temporal resolution whilst simultaneously being incredibly gentle on the samples that are imaged.

This technology is now available as a pre-commercial platform offering researchers experimental flexibility in an easy to use system. The technology offers the ability to interrogate complex biological dynamics in 4D with high resolution over long time periods.



Excitation objective

  • Zeiss 13.3x Magnification, 0.44 NA

Detection Objective

  • Zeiss 44.93x, 1 NA

Imaging characteristics

  • 44.93x Magnification
  • XY Resolution – 330 nm
  • Z resolution – 650 nm
  • Light sheet length – 10 um – 100 µm

Light sources

  • Diode lasers lines – 488, 561 and 640 nm

Detection source

  • PCO.edge sCMOS
  • 2048 x 2048 Pixels
  • 6.5 µm x 6.5 µm pixel size
  • 16 – bit
  • 100 fps (At full frame)
  • 82% QE (Peak at 560 nm)

Technological specifications (Capabilities)

Available modalities

  • Z-stack
  • Time Series
  • Multi-positions

Unique features

  • Compatible with standard sample chambers such as chamber slides, dishes and multi-well plates.
  • Contains transmitted light source for quick and easy sample finding.
  • Can cover a large field of view in a short time.


  • Data generated is large and requires post-processing, which takes time

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