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DeltaVision OMX SR

The OMX SR is a microscope for imaging live cells using structured illumination microscopy (SIM). The microscope can rapidly capture very high resolution multicolour images in three dimensions.

The OMX SR is a live cell three-dimensional (3D) structured illumination, super-resolution microscope (3D-SIM).

The system is unique because it enables up to three colours to be captured with two-fold better resolution than conventional microscopy and with high speeds compared to other super-resolution microscopy techniques. The platform also enables two-dimensional SIM and TIRF-SIM (total internal reflection fluorescence structured illumination microscopy). It is also suitable for fixed imaging.

This technique works best on cells or thin specimens (< 15 microns), that are brightly stained.

The system is compatible with standard slides, 35 mm dishes and 8-well chamber slides. It contains all necessary accessories for environmental control, for example CO2, humidity, and temperature control.

Staff at the Centre for Dynamic Imaging can provide expert guidance on the preparation of samples and choice of fluorophores.


Light sources

  • 405 nm, 488 nm, 568, 640 nm
  • LED trans-illuminator


  • 3 x PCO.edge sCMOS cameras
Objective magnification5x10x20x25x25x
Immersion mediaAirMultiWaterWaterClarity
XY-resolution (µm)4.972.491.240.990.99
Working distance (mm)208228

Technological specifications (capabilities)

Available modalities

  • 3D SIM (structural illumination microscopy)
  • 2D SIM
  • Very fast and multi-colour simultaneous widefield deconvolution
  • Z-stack
  • Time-series
  • Tile scan
  • Multi positions
  • Live cell imaging

Additional hardware

  • Blaze SIM Module OPTION for DeltaVision OMX SR
  • Ultimate Focus Hardware Autofocus Module
  • DIC optics

Unique features

  • The OMX SR is a stable and compact microscope platform, which enables the dynamic capture of super-resolved images from live cells.
  • The system enables fast three-colour live cell 3D-SIM imaging.
  • A 60x/1.3 Silicone Oil objective is also available for live cell widefield deconvolution microscopy. Silicone Oil has a refractive index more similar to water and remains constant during long-term observations.
Deltavision OMX microscope at WEHI


  • 9 x 15 images need to be captured at every focal plane for 3D-SIM, which means that photobleaching can be difficult.
  • Weak staining, excessive bleaching or high levels of background can cause reconstruction artefacts.


Staff in the Centre for Dynamic Imaging can provide documentation to assist with the preparation of samples.


Dr Michael Mlodzianoski
  • Super-resolution specialist
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