SIMOA HD-X service

SIMOA HD-X service

The Watson and Yassi laboratory provides researchers with access to precise biomarker analysis using digital Simoa HD-X® technology.

These services are available to academic and industry researchers and are priced on a cost recovery basis.

About SIMOA HD-X® technology

The Single Molecular Array (Simoa) technique developed by Quanterix™ is a highly sensitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of biomarkers associated with disease.

Simoa can analyse biofluids with very small sample volumes and at a sensitivity and accuracy much higher than previous techniques.

This novel digital ELISA is performed using single capture and labelling of an analyte of interest with a conjugated enzyme, which forms an immuno-sandwich complex by binding a biotinylated detection antibody.

Each complex is bound to a single paramagnetic bead. Hence the readout sensitivity is 1000x greater (10-16M) than compared to traditional ELISAs.

Simoa supports high throughput, rapid analysis and in some instances can multiplex up to six biomarkers in a single assay.

Services and facilities

Scientist operating equipmentOur team can advise on the best approach from sample collection and storage through to sample analysis. Upon receipt of the sample, we will perform the complete package of sample preparation, analysis and generation of results.

Simoa can analyse serum, plasma, CSF and other biofluids.

Quanterix™ offers a range of more than 80 assays, specialising in neurology, oncology, immunology/inflammation, infectious disease and cardiology, and are committed to developing new assays. Examples of available assays include: NfL, ptau 181, and cytokines; further assays can be found on the Quanterix website.


Costs are calculated based on the assay kit and number of samples to be analysed. Assay kits are independently priced, therefore in order to receive a quote, please contact us at

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate, please email

Researchers using WEHI’s Simoa HD-X® service have access to the required infrastructure, technical support, and expertise from clinical researchers and bioinformaticians. Analyses are performed by a dedicated Simoa scientist.



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