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About the lab

The people in our lab consult and collaborate with medical researchers in the institute and elsewhere in Melbourne and Australia on the analysis of their molecular data. We also develop new methods for analysing such data. We have a particular focus on molecular data collected by cancer researchers, but we also work with scientists who study immune and infectious diseases, and those who do research in basic biomedical science.

Our mission

The lab’s vision is to contribute through our collaborations towards eliminating cancer and certain immune and infectious diseases. Our mission is to work towards achieving the best possible analyses of the data collected by our collaborators.


Our main contributions have been to collaborations with other researchers, for example, to the role of tissue-resident memory T cells in breast and lung cancer. We continue to develop a body of techniques concerning removing unwanted variation from bulk and single cell omic datasets.

Lab research projects

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3 members
Hsiao-Chi Liao
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